Walker's VW Bus getting final paint and assembly to make it to GoodGuys Pleasanton show

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VW Bus STI Turbo Power Plant

Walker's VW Bus getting final paint and assembly to make it to GoodGuys Pleasanton show

1950 Jeepster getting a lift

Custom tube work by our own Jake Strain

NotcHead Store is up and running.

Divers Street Rods apparel, books and mugs also available

66 Truck getting a power plant upgrade.

572 cubic inches of power.

GT39 Joining the Ferrambo at the LeMay - America's Car Museum

If you are ever in the Tacoma area see the cars up close and personal

Notchead Fasteners was given the honor by being selected as Hot Rod Magazines 10 Hot Tools and Parts from SEMA 2013

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1963 Pontiac Catalina "Swiss Cheese" was awarded the prestigious Concours Gold Award at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Congratulations to Alan and Larry Witte

GT39 will be joining the Ferrambo at the LeMay - America's Car Museum

See this work of art in person soon in Tacoma Washington.

1957 Cadillac Brougham heading into final paint

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GoodGuys At Divers Street Rods

coming from all over

Thanks to all that came up and thanks to Woodwick Photo Services for the awesome photos

DSR Fasteners: NotcHead Grip
NotcHead Grip Now Available!

Award Winning Tool Built To Last

FERRAMBO Donated To LeMay Museum
On Display at The Speed Zone

A Motley Crew From Divers Street Rods

2012 Goodguys West Coast Nationals Builders Choice Winner
1954 Chevy

If integrity is important to you...
Divers Street Rods, Inc.
is your complete Rod Shop!

2008 Ridler Award Winner

Divers Street Rods, Inc. is a full service rod shop providing the best in maintenance and modifications throughout complete restorations and turn-key cars.

What makes this shop different from the rest?

It's a way of living... based on the following principles.

Think out of the box...

Dare to be different...

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room...

.:We Are:.

Divers Street Rods, Inc. has been over 20 years in the making. In 1983 Tim Divers found himself in a state of nirvana... 'volunteering' after-hours in his first Street Rod Shop and has never fully recovered.

This led him to discovering his first principle in life; 'Why follow the pack when you can be the leader?' Opening his own shop in 1986, under the guidance of many gifted and outrageous customers, his 2nd and 3rd principles followed; 'Think out of the box' and 'Dare to be different'. With this kind of encouragement it's of no wonder Divers Street Rods, Inc. has become a competing source in the world of rods.

In 1998 the re-location to Startup, a remote and secluded area of Western Washington, the 4th and final principle was cemented into place; 'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room'.

.:Past Satisfied Customers:.

Our customers are our advertisement, and more outspoken than any full page add! Ranging from the East Coast to the West, including the Hawaiian Islands, customers of Divers Street Rods, Inc. become part of an extended family of sorts... the gear-head family. See many of the rods built by Divers Street Rods, Inc. at a number of shows, such as.......

  • Southwest Nationals, Scottsdale Arizona
  • Goodguys d'Elegance, Del Mar California
  • Goodguys West Coast Nationals, Pleasanton California
  • Kool April Nights, Redding California
  • Pacific Northwest Nationals, Puyallup Washington
  • Seattle Roadster Show, Seattle Washington
  • Great Northwest Nationals, Spokane Washington
  • Mild To Wild, Tacoma Washington
  • Blackies, Fresno California
  • Apple Run, Wenatchee Washington